A beautiful X-44, hailing from King Harbor, came to the line for the start of the King Harbor/PV race a few weeks ago. We were out on Twelve Bar Blues, hoping to put another good finish in the books – we had two thirds and a first in the first three races – and then we saw this new competitor, motoring up from the south. Our hope that it was in the singlehanded fleet wasn’t a hope for long – the VHF crackled and Distraxion checked in doublehanded. There were ripples on the water just before the 11:00 start and we imagined this heavy displacement boat wallowing at the start, unable to get going in the three knot breeze. The truth is that an X-44 goes pretty good in a light breeze, and it has a fine looking transom although we needed binoculars to see it by 11:30.

The course called for keeping the 2ES buoy to port and then keeping the King Harbor buoy to starboard. A few spinnakers were flown on the way to King Harbor – Rubicon III hoisted – while most other competitors, including Twelve Bar Blues, reached down under main and headsail. We rounded with Miss Demeanor, Rubicon III and Zulu. We were disappointing because we owe time to each of these boats. The race to R10 was better for us and the run back from R10 to the finish line was spectacular – despite the light wind at the start we finished this twenty-three mile race in less than four hours – but it wasn’t enough to make up what we had lost early. The X-44, Distraxion, won this race. While we crossed the line second in the doublehanded fleet, both Rubicon III and Zulu corrected out against us.

On more race to go in the Dave Wall Series.