Christian Williams – The Return

Christian is currently the only PSSA member who has sailed singlehanded, from California to Hawaii and back…twice!

Since 2014, his video has seen more than a million viewers!!! Christian returned in 2017 with more stories and we are proud to be the first yacht club hosting his presentation of his journey.

Christian will talk about his last adventure to Hawaii, but will also focus on his preparation, starting from the acquisition of a new (to him) boat. Choosing a boat is a psychological test. What use will we put it to?  A  Westsail 32 has no cockpit—you want to cross the pacific with no backrest? How about a trimaran? How about fixing up a Catalina 30?  Why is one Ericson 38 for sale for $29,000 while the same year and model is being offered for  $80,000?  Is it true that for every $10,000 in added asking price you get $20,000 in value?  Why is solar a waste of money for most sailors who have an auxiliary engine? Why is a 30-foot boat better for ocean passages alone than a 40-foot boat?  And so on. How do you administer the psycho test to yourself and get accurate results?

Christian Williams was an editor and writer for The Washington Post before moving to Hollywood in 1987 to write and produce television drama. He raced Lasers and Soling US 667 out of Annapolis and has more than 20,000 miles offshore, including six multihull Bermuda races, S.O.R.C.  and the 1979 Fastnet Race aboard Tenacious. His new book,  “Philosophy of Sailing: The Search for Life on Earth,” a sequel to “Alone Together: Sailing Solo to Hawaii and Beyond,” is scheduled for publication July 1, 2018.


Join us at SCCYC on Friday January 26th, 8:00 PM.