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2019 Ship Rock and Return race report from aboard Cassiopeia

By Margie Woods From the starting line located approx. 1.0NM at 164°M from the south end of the MdR detached breakwater, pass El Segundo buoy "ES2" to port, round Ship Rock to port and proceed to the finish. The finish line will be delimited by 2 GPS waypoints. The...

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2018 Catalina to Port Race Report aboard Cassiopeia

By Margie Woods From the starting line located near Palos Verdes buoy "10PV", leave the West End of Catalina to port, finish when Catalina East End light position 33 18.1162N 118 19.0570W is within 0.5 NM and bears 350°M from the helmsman's position. The skipper shall...

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My Bishop Rock Race by Tom Wilson, S/V Velocity

by Tom Wilson, S/V Velocity My race started, as it always does, by sailing my boat from Ventura down to Marina del Rey. On this day it was mostly a motor boat ride, but I did get two hours of spinnaker time at the end. This is always followed by the skippers meeting,...

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2018 Ship Rock Race: The view from Aloha

The race started like most winter races start: Calm and little breeze. The rabbit start proved how rusty the fleet was, with several boats unsure if the start had actually occurred. The rabbit yelling at us to start clarified things a little, and we got under way...

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