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Dave Wall # 4 Race Recap from Biohazard

Good to see so many boats Saturday. Here is a recap of the race from the deck of Biohazard. Last month race (Waverider Buoy) was a close finish between Ginger Lee and Biohazard. Earlier this week, Greg and I exchanged a couple of emails and Greg mentioned that he was...

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Dave Wall # 3 Race Recap from Biohazard

I must say, each time Greg goes out (Ginger Lee, J29), I know I’ll be loosing gallons of water sweating in order to keep up with the guy. Last summer, Greg took 3 First places out of 4 races that he participated in. Greg knows how to sail that turbo charged J29 Ginger...

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Dave Wall #1: From The Deck of Twelve Bar Blues

June 17, 2017, PSSA’s Dave Wall Series, race 1, the only pursuit race on the calendar, eleven boats circling the line, waiting for their start times.  For those of you who have never done a race like this, the handicaps are figured into the starting times, so, at...

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Inverted Start. Race One of The Dave Wall Series

What a beautiful day for the 1st of our summer races! We had a great turn out of 12 boats on a quintessential Southern California day! Whitall and I successfully set our “pin” (my trusty blue fender) at about 11am and anchored nearby to create our start line. I ended...

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