Shaka Challenge – Day 1

What a perfect day to start a race to Hawaii from Marina Del Rey! Blue sky, flat seas, 12 knots of wind from the SW, and 4 relaxed participants finally ready to go on with their journey, leaving civilization behind.

Supporters of the participants gathered at CYC around 9am, with drinks and food that was generously offered by Matthew (Pavlova). Everyone also spent time on the docks nearby to admire the boats and give the racers last words of support. Plenty had questions and the skippers had difficult time answering the 50 + people who came to cheer them up.

Finally, it was time to cast off and all four boats met in the vicinity of the SS yellow spar, about 0.5nm from the breakwater. Although the line was fairly square to the wind before the 10 minutes sequence, the wind shifted to the west making the line port favored on the side of the Race Committee boat (offered and skippered by 2017 PSSA VC Margie Woods). When all expected an “easy start”, La Vigie was forced to avoid Aloha and the RC was lucky not to be T-boned by the 30,000 lbs Oceanis 45! Pavlova and Island Time were a little late on the starting line but all finally made their way on a port to Malibu. With a more than 12 knots of wind, all 4 boats quickly disappeared away from sight.

With trackers aboard each boats, we can follow their progress. Racers are required to check-in to the PRO twice a day (0800 and 2000). All boats checked-in at 2000 but Pavlova’s tracker seems not to be transmitting. Hopefully, this can be resolved quickly today with Garmin customer support.

As we speak (07/02/2018 Р0700), racers  have made good progress and have cleared Santa Monica Bay last night. They are now about to clear the last island before heading into the Pacific Ocean where the synoptic winds will take them one step closer to the trade winds to Hawaii!

We wish them all the best!

Jerome Sammarcelli
2018 PSSA Commodre and PRO