A dozen boats made the starting sequence as Biohazard started the Fleet in a light breeze on a pretty winter day. Making their way to Ship Rock, the place to be appeared to be on the West side of rhumb line where there was a little more breeze. Onboard Sparrow, while tightening the outhaul in the light breeze, a spectacular failure: a shackle on the traveler shattered on both sides! The shackle had cracked and corroded through, no doubt obvious to anyone who bothered to inspect! The 2nd shackle shown carried on through the rest of the race, aided by a lashing where the broken shackle had been.

Sparrow pretty much banged the Western corner, waiting too long for the western wind shift, but was able to crack off and carry her code 0 to the Rock. With a reef in, Sparrow charged back to PV, finishing at dusk, closely followed by Distraxion. The boat project list seems to just keep growing!