Thursday, February 22nd 2018 – SCCYC – 8PM


Power Management and Distance Race Preparations


Our next speaker series will focus on Power Management and Distance Race Preparations. Jeff Coyle / DistraXion has developed a program that captures many of the safety routines, provisioning, spares, logistical requirements and planning associated with distance races or just thorough vessel preparations.

The program is in spreadsheet form and he has crafted a version for PSSA members to refine to our own vessel’s unique requirements.

The session will address two broad areas as follows:

  • Power budgeting and management
    • System – Storage capacity and type, charger/inverter, monitoring, budgeting, devices, controls and power generation.
    • Power budgeting and management
    • Devices (minimizing power needs)
    • Storage
    • Power generation options – Alt/Gen, solar, fuel cell, wind, Watt and Sea…
  • Overall Vessel Plan – The spreadsheet provides a good initial draft of many lists and routines valuable in vessel preparation. Topics will include the following among others:
    • Safety resources
    • Crew vessel and safety assessment
    • Medical preparations
    • Sails and rigging
    • Vessel and mechanical
    • Equipment, location and weight tradeoffs
    • Power management
    • Provisions
    • Watch schedules (crewed racing)
    • Ground logistics

The Vessel Plan is also intended to be printed and bound into a book to be kept on the boat as a reference.

Thursday, February 22nd 2018 – SCCYC – 8PM